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@  Starkiller : (21 August 2014 - 01:53 AM) Meh sanctuary gold req is outrageous... eats up all the gold no matter how much you got :(
@  Walcha18 : (21 August 2014 - 01:44 AM) There is just not enough gold!
@  Walcha18 : (21 August 2014 - 01:44 AM) and when Expanding the last island and paying for steps in the Sanctuary.
@  Walcha18 : (21 August 2014 - 01:42 AM) It is tempting, Kate, also given the 50000 limit, but the cost is over twelve Star Shines
@  Walcha18 : (21 August 2014 - 01:41 AM) 'Morning All!
@  iKate : (20 August 2014 - 08:21 PM) Thankye!
@  Starkiller : (20 August 2014 - 08:02 PM) Nice thread about groups kate, gj =)
@  iKate : (20 August 2014 - 03:05 PM) I'm only going as far as the habitat since it has that extra space. Don't have room for clones!
@  iKate : (20 August 2014 - 03:03 PM) Lol. No prob!
@  Walcha18 : (20 August 2014 - 03:02 PM) Too expensive to pay 64 M + for a habitat--even a Sea with space for 4 dragons.
@  Walcha18 : (20 August 2014 - 03:00 PM) Tku Kate, but no thankyou SP.
@  iKate : (20 August 2014 - 09:55 AM) Olympus is finished as well. Fae, it is identical to the last one.
@  iKate : (20 August 2014 - 09:47 AM) Asdf...Sure wish you'd told me that sooner.
@  Balgruff : (20 August 2014 - 09:36 AM) I already did the PC one
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@  Balgruff : (20 August 2014 - 09:21 AM) Aztec for me
@  ULTRAElement... : (20 August 2014 - 07:19 AM) I dunno, I think it is
@  Fae : (20 August 2014 - 07:13 AM) Assuming the 'new' / current oluympus island is the same as the one in the strategies section?
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Need Dragon Information

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#1 Ashley


    Site Owner & Server Host

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Posted 04 June 2012 - 11:35 PM

Hi everyone!

I've been working on adding articles to the Information Database, specifically information about dragons. Since I'm still relatively new to the game (but learning fast!) I'm running into some question marks I'm having to enter in.

So, if possible, I'd love if you all could help me get this information about ALL dragons in the game! (Post even a little bit if you can, anything helps!)

In-Game Description: Yes, this is easy to get, but it would be very helpful if you could post it here. It takes a while to do this and we need to get this done soon so we can focus on getting more members.

Elements: What element or elements the dragon has.

Breeding: How to breed the dragon.

Buying Price: How much does it cost to buy (in gems or gold)?

Selling Price: How much gold do you get for selling it?

Income: Post how many coins per minute it makes at any level 1-20. We'll need data for all of the levels but just post any that you might know.

Experience: How much experience is gained from hatching it/placing it?

Required Level: What level is required to get the dragon?

Attacks: A list of all four of its attacks.

Weaknesses: What elements is the dragon weak to?

Other: Anything else you want to add about the dragon!

Posting this information would really help me out and I'd appreciate it.


#2 LadyWizard


    Water Dragon

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Posted 05 June 2012 - 01:14 PM

Element: Earth
Buy: 100
Don't be alarmed, it's not an earthquake but a dignified Earth Dragon! Earth dragons are not known for their beauty but for their love of dirt and their extremely humble and honest nature.
Punch, Meteor shower, Earthquake, Tumbleweed
Weak: Ice Metal

Element: Fire
Buy: 100
If you can't take the heat, stay away from the Fire Dragon! This tempermental creature is eaily set off, but calms down equally fast and always feels deep remorse for the things it burned.
Attacks: Punch, Lava balls, Flaming arrows, Nuclear hit
Weak: Electric water

Element: Water
Buy: 500
If you're into water sports, then the Water Dragon will be your new best friend. OFten Water Dragons have been mistaken for seals of dolphins.
Attack: Punch, Tsunami, Flooding, Storm
Weak Fire Dark

Element: Plant
Buy: 15,000
The Plant Dragon loves humans, animals and all living things, some of them for gastronomic putposes. Even though never known to eat whole human being, a finger or two have been lost...
Attack: Punch, Stitching roots, Poison Ivy, Leaf Blast
Weak: Earth Ice

Element: Electric
Buy: 30,000
Description: The tale tells us this dragon was born in a great storm that took place in the dark ages when an ordinary dragon got hit by lightning. Since tha day, you can see them on the skies, looking for a shock.
Attack: Punch, Stunning hit, lightning, Laser beam
Weak: Plant Water

Element: Earth Water
Buy: 25 gem
breed: water with earth
Description: Sometimes mistakenly described as chubby or lazy, but we happen to know that Mud Dragons are on a strict oranic mud diet and they only enjoy an occasional fly when it happens to land directly on their mouth.
Attack: Flying kick, Earthquake, Tsunami, Flooding
Weak: Ice Metal

Element: Earth Plant
Buy: 100 gem(also found in mystery eggs)
Breed: Plant and Earth
Description: Tropical Dragon likes to dance all night, do acrobatics and enjoy life in general. Its happy-go-lucky attitude is very catchy, so in its company it is impossible not to smile.
Attack: Flying kick, Poison Ivy, Earthquake, Meteor Shower
Weak: Ice Metal

Firebird Dragon
Element: Fire Plant
Buy: 100 gem(also in mystery egg)
Breed: Fire Plant
Description: Like Phoenix- the symbol of rebirth- this Dragon is said to be immortal. Its fire feathers and regal flight are an impressive sight. It is said that the birds' cry is that of a beautiful song.
Attack: Flying kick, Poison ivy, Lava balls, Flaming Arrows
Weak: Electric Water

Flaming Rock Dragon
Element: Fire Earth
Buy: 25 gem
Breed: Earth Fire
Description: What happens when you set earth eternally on fire? This Dragon is one of the most energetic ones around. Flaming Rock especially loves Rock music and Dragon Chili snacks/
Attack: Flying kick, Flaming Arrows, Earthquake, Meteor shower
Weak: Ice Metal

Medieval Dragon
Element: Fire Metal
Buy: 500 gem or recruitment tavern
Breed: Fire and Metal
Description: The medieval Dragon hails from the times of King Arthur, who fave the dragon the precious task to protect his sword. Ever since he has been looking for a new master. Could it be you?
Attack: Flying kick, Magneto, Lava balls, Flaming arrows
Weak: Electric water

Element: Water Plant
Buy: 100 gem
Breed: Water with plant
Descripton: Fantastically beautiful, this dragon always draws crowds wherever it goes. Have you seen those floating flowers move in a pond? Maybe it wasn't a flower after all...
Attack: Flying kick, Tsunami, Poison Ivy, Flooding
Weak: Fire Dark

Element: Plant Water
Buy: 750 gem
Breed: Plant with water
Description: Coral Dragon offers what os most beautiful under water. The colorful gardens of the abyss are more magnificent that you could ever imagine. This dragon is a treasure!
Attack: Hard charge, Flooding, Stunning hit, Leaf blast
Weak: Earth ice

Lantern Fish
Element: Water Electric
Buy: 100 gem
Breed Water with Electric
Description: This mythical Dragon from the deepest oceans is an absolutely hilarious companion. The Latern Fish Dragon can light up the darkest, stormiest night with its hilarious anecdotes from the life under water.
Attack: Flying kick, Tsunami, Laser beam, Flooding
Weak Fire Dark

Element: Metal
Buy: 250,000 (Note must get help to build habitat)
Description: A robust dragon, drawn towards all things of metal. The word on the island is that what the Metallic Dragon lacks in intellect, it more than makes up in determination
Attack: Punch, Nail rain, Stunning hit, Magneto
Weak: Electric Dark

Element: Earth and Metal
Buy: 250 gem
Breed: hybrid with earth plus hybrid with metal
Description: Armadillo is slightly angry dragon, so be very careful when around it. It has heavy protective gear all over it, who knows what lies under all that armor and anger... Go and find out!
Attack: Stunning hit, Rust, Meteor shower, Tumble weed
Weak: Ice metal

Element: Ice
Buy: 75,000 requires help on habitat
With the recent climate changes, the super cool Ice Dragons have migrated to the North Pole. If you see one in a warm place, please direct them to the nearest ice rink and you'll have a friend forever.
Attack: Punch, Frost nova, Stunning hit, Ice spikes
Weak: Fire Metal

Element: Water Ice
Buy: 250 gem
Breed: Water with ice
Description: Is it getting hot in your island? The Ice Cube Dragon is just the creature to cool things down. Calm, cool as ice and quite slow, this sympathetic fellow is no threat at all
Attack: Flying kick, Tsunami, Ice spikes, Flooding
Weak: Fire Dark

Element: Earth Ice
Buy: 250 gem
Breed: Ice with Earth
Description: Alpine Dragon, the robust cousin of Ice Dragon is impossible not to love! This adorable creature is irresistibly playful and friendly. Watch out for avalanches though!
Attack: Flying kick, Lightning, Ice spikes, Laser bea,(according to dragon book... lightning attacks from earth dragon?)
Weak: Ice Metal

Cool Fire
Element: Fire Ice
Buy: 250 gem
Breed: Ice hybrid and fire hybrid
Description: If you thought northern lights are incredible, wait till you see this Dragon fly around your islands! Ot's both as cool as ice and as hot as fire and it will never get tired of huffing and puffing.
Attack: Stunning hit, Ice spikes, Flaming arrows, Snow storm
Weak: Electric water

Element: Electric Earth
Buy: 100 gem
Breed: Earth hybrid with electric hybrid
Description: Bouncy and happy, you will have a new best friend in this Dragon! The Gummy Dragon loves butterflies, sugar, and summer clouds
Attack: Stunning hit, Laser beam, Poison Ivy, Electric Shock
Weak: Earth Ice

Element: Ice Metal
Buy: 250 gem
Breed: Ice with Metal
Description: Pearl Dragon is known to be a bit vain and often wastes considerable amounts of time in shining its pearls. But when needed, it can be extremely brave and selfless and helps the ones in need.
Attack: Flying kick, Frost nova, Magneto, Ice spikes
Weak: Fire metal

Element: Plant Metal
Buy: 250 gem
Breed: Plant with Metal
Description: The Jade Dragon is wisest of them all. Ask any question or present any problem and you will receive an answer from this ancient being. Now you'll just have to learn Chinese to understand him.
Attack: Flying kick, Stitching roots, Magneto, Poison Ivy
Weak: Earth Ice

Cloud Dragon
Element: Fire Water
Buy: 25 gem
Breed: Fire with Water
Description: Many people don't even know that they have seen this Dragon because it perfectly blends into the sky. if you feel like the rain is sometimes following you, here you have the explaination!
Attack: Flying kick, Lava balls, Flooding, Flaming arrows
Weak: Lightning water

Element: Earth Electric
Buy: 100 gem
breed: Electric with earth
Description: Who doesn't like looking at stars on a clear night? This Dragon is made of stars and during the nights you can see it shine. Star Dragon is one of the most calm and happy dragons, a friend to all.
Attack: Flying kick, Earthquake, Laser beam, Meteor shower
Weak: Ice Metal

Element: Water Electric
Buy: 500 gem
Breed: Water with Electric
Description: This dragon loves stormy weather more than anything! If you feel that living is getting too peaceful in your island kingdom, get the Storm Dragon to shake things up.
Attack: Hard charge, Flooding, Head butt, Laser beam
Weak: Fire Dark

Element: Plant Ice
Buy: 250 gem
Breed: Plant with ice
Description: This feather light friend is a must for every Dragon enthusiast. Its puffy appearance will draw crowdsfrom far far away to see its famous disappearing act.
Attack: Flying kick, Stitching roots, Ice spikes, Poison Ivy
Weak: Earth Ice

Element: Fire Electric
Buy: 100 gem
Breed: Fire with Electric
Description: This futuristic dragon is a delightful addition to your islands. It's highly energetic and likes to fry small insects with its laser beams. This way you can also have bug control in your islands!
Attack: Flying kick, Lava balls, Laser beam, Flaming Arrows
Weak: Electric Water

Fluorescent Dragon
Element: Electric Ice
Buy: 250 gem
Breed: Electric with Ice
Description: This one glows in the dark, so it's highly convient during the dark winter months. You will also save in electricity by getting this glowy Dragon!
Attack: Flying kick, Lightning, Ice spikes, Laser beam
Weak: Plant Water

Element: Electric Metal
Breed: Electric metal
Buy 500 gem
Description: Running out of batteries all the time? This dragon will be your new best friend and you will always be charged with energy when around it!
Attack: Flying kick Lightning, Magneto, Laser beam
Weak: Plant Water

Element: Metal Ice
Breed: Metal Ice
Buy: 500 gem
Description: A Dragon of this magnitude certainly knows its worth. Platinum Dragon is generally known as the leader of the pack and isn't afraid to demonstrate its power.
Attack: Hard charge, Magneto, Judo Kick, Snow storm
Weak: Electric Dark

#3 Ashley


    Site Owner & Server Host

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Posted 05 June 2012 - 01:35 PM

LadyWizard, thanks so much for giving this information.

I've been putting it in the database! Haven't finished yet, have to go take care of some real life things. I'll finish when I get back.

But I really appreciate it :).

#4 LadyWizard


    Water Dragon

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Posted 06 June 2012 - 02:13 AM

Element: Ice Fire
Buy: 250 gem
Breed Ice and fire hybrids
level 7 earning 23/minute
Description: The ancestors of this Dragon happened to make a home at a football stadium and that's how it all started. The Dragons started to watch the games and finally learned how to play themselves.
Attack: Stunning hit, Ice spikes, Nuclear hit, snow storm
Weak: Fire Metal

#5 LadyWizard


    Water Dragon

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Posted 07 June 2012 - 10:38 PM

Element: Fire Plant
Breed Fire+Plant
Buy: 150 gem
Description: Spice up your island with this tempermental fellow. The Spicy dragon is known for its excessive use of swearwords and a passion got Mexican food.
Attack: Flying kick, Lava balls, Poison ivy, Stunning hit
Weak: Electric Water

Will have sell price later I accidentally bred two.

Buy: 150 gems
Breed: Earth and Water
Element: Earth Water
Description: This dragon is an absolute wonder! Where does the water come from an where is it going? Who knows! It's still mesmerizing to watch.
Attack: Hard charge, Earthquake, Stunning hit, Storm
Weake: Ice and Metal
Note: LadyWizard had better luck via hybrids with necessary elements

Breed: Fire and Earth
Buy: 25 gem
Element: Fire Earth
Description: This is the more explosive cousin of the Alpine Dragon. Always happy and cheerful, watch out though its hot!
Attack: Hard charge, Flaming arrows, meteor shower Nuclear hit
Weak: Electric Water

Element; Earth Plant
Breed: Earth and Plant
Buy: 200 gem
Description: Cactus Dragon loves to cuddle, what a shame that it is covered with spikes. If you're charmed by it despite the stings, put your gloves on, and give it a hug!
Attack: Hard charge, Meteor shower, Head butt, Leaf blast
Weak: Ice Metal

Element: Water Metal
Breed: Water with Metal
Buy: 250 gem
Description: This Dragon is highly unpredictible, poisonous and has an exceptionally low melting point. But when the sun shines from the right angle, this liquid creature looks absolutely magnificient!
Attack: Punch, Tsunami, Stunning hit, Flooding
Weak: Fire Dark

Element: Water Fire
Breed Water with Fire
Buy: 25 gem
Description: Weirdly enough this dragon made of snow and ice seems to like hot and wet environments! To see this rare dragon flap around in a pile of lava is definatly worth the effort!
Attack: Hard charge, Flaming Arrows, Flooding, Nuclear hit
Weak: Fire Dark

#6 LadyWizard


    Water Dragon

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Posted 11 June 2012 - 06:19 AM

Element: Dark Plant
Breed Dark with Plant
Buy: 1,000 gems
Description: Potentially deadly, this Dragon has to be treated extra well to keep it from biting its master! When fully trained, it can be the most loyal servant.
Attack: Hard charge, leech, Judo kick, Ghost cloud
Weak: Plant Earth

Element: Ice Dark
Breed: Ice with dark
Description: At first sight it's easy to mistake this Dragon for a penguin. It's a common mistake but don't be fooled, its teeth are extremely sharp!
Attack: Flying kick, Frost nova, Leech, Ice spikes
Weak: Fire Metal

Element: Earth Dark
Breed: Earth with Dark(though you'll probably get this one at least once while breeding for poo)
Buy: 750 gems
Description: This Dragon is extremely fond of people, but unfortunatly its spikey exterior is not exactly human friendly. Wear an armor and go play!
Attack: Flying kick, Earthquake, Leech, Meteor shower
Weak: Ice Metal

Carnivore Plant
Element Plant Dark
Breed: Plant with Dark
Buy: 750 gems
Description: This cheerful mear eater is almost blind but has an extraordinary keen sense of smell. It can smell anything from miles away, so don't ever think that you can surprise this Dragon however hard you try.
Attack: Flying kick, Stitching roots, Poison Ivy, Leech
Weak: Earth Ice

Posted Image

Posted Image

#7 Guest_Aosih_*

  • Guests

Posted 12 June 2012 - 11:36 AM

I thought you could only buy the Dark dragon for 250k? When I try to look at the metal dragon page it only shows 2 metal hybrids that can only be purchased for gems :/

#8 Guest_Guest_*

  • Guests

Posted 12 June 2012 - 11:39 AM

Where did you see the Metal egg being sold for 250k? the only dragon that appears for that price is the dark dragon...The only metal dragons that you can see in the shop is the hybrids that can only be gotten with gems